The Last Meal @ Isaac At, Gloucester Street Brighton

For those who are a little food obsessed, like moi – it’s never been more acceptable to shout about where and what you’re eating – I even started writing a blog about it. Eating out is getting more exciting and innovative, hence the obsession we have with blasting it over social media, without feeling embarrassed or over indulgent – It is totally ok to pine after a table at that new opening around the corner like it is to lust over that beautiful £200 coat from Cos. Continue reading

Restaurant Review: The Joker, Preston/London Road Brighton

I’d been meaning to check out The Joker pub for a very long time but never quite made it, probably because of its location, towards the end of London Road. After hearing such good things about their award winning Buffalo Wings (a new found obsession of mine), I thought it was time to give these guys ago and put them to The Hunger Laine test. Continue reading