Breakfast Review: Cafe Coho, Brighton

Before writing these posts I was very much a creature of habit, however, I quickly realised I would have very little to write about if I continued sticking to what I already knew. The breakfast reviews encourage me to try new places and spice things up a little, so I will aim to try a new venue at least twice a month.

coho queens roadSo, I’ve been a regular customer of Cafe Coho for the last few years and it has been a firm favourite of mine for breakfast. There are actually 2 cafes, the original sits on Ship Street in The Lanes and has great outside space, ideal for people watching, and the 2nd cafe is up by towards to the station on Queens Road, a horrible distraction for those commuting or in my case, attempting to make it to the gym without stuffing my face with a goats cheese and spinach croissant and disregarding my morning workout all together…

Cafe Coho, Queens Rd. pastries

Brighton has a thriving independent cafe culture, meaning you can easily avoid the likes of Starbucks, Nero or Costa Coffee. Be it a girly catch up over coffee and cake or a brunch date, Cafe Coho rarely disappoints and has always served me well.

I recently visited both shops to make comparisons however one of those trips just so happened to be the day I got distracted on my way to the gym… oops. I stopped by for breakfast en route to ‘work’. The café on Queens Road is a little smaller and only has two tables outside. It’s more of a ‘grab and go’ place as its so close to the station. The interior is similar to the Ship Street cafe, bare brickwork and high ceilings, hand written chalk boards, wooden shelves and again, an industrial feel to it. It welcomes you the moment you walk in. With in 20 minutes most of the tables were full, despite it being only 8.45am on a Friday morning.

Poached eggs and sausage

I went for something a little less indulgent than my usual Eggs Royale, poached eggs on sourdough toast with a sausage. My eggs arrived a little overcooked and were hard in the middle… Not cool. However, the girl working was really sweet and got two perfectly cooked poached eggs to replace the first ones. Happy days. It didn’t looks as impressive as my usual Eggs Royale but I cleaned up the plate, as usual.IMG_3557

My usual order looks a little like this. Plenty of fresh smoked salmon, additional serving of spinach on thick lightly toasted muffins with plenty of hollandaise sauce.

eggs royal

If you’re looking for something lighter than this then check out the assortment of cakes and pastries. As I mentioned earlier, this is a frequent pit-stop for coffee and cake, or in my case a green tea/chai latte and and a slice of chocolate brownie.

All in all, Coho comes highly recommended, just beware of an overdone egg every now and again and good luck trying to find a table outside in the summer! *They do often put blankets on the seats outside which I think is a really nice touch.


Jess – The Hunger Laine


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