Restaurant Review: My Slice, Cranbourne Street

My Slice is Brighton’s most central, healthy and fresh Roman pizza bar. They opened their doors earlier this summer and can be found serving authentic Roman pizza by the slice just down from Churchill Square, on Cranbourne Street with a great outside seating area, ideal for people watching.

Inspired by the street vendors of Rome, My Slice serves Pizza al Taglio, square slices to you and I, with a variety of fresh Italian toppings and flavours. Create your own or choose from the selection of meat, vegetarian or gluten free options.


I’m an absolute pizza fiend so you can imagine my delight at being invited to come in and sample a new pizza place in town. I met Andrea, the manager who gave me the low down on My Slice and introduced me to what a real Roman style pizza should taste like. All of the ingredients used are imported from Italy, ensuring it really is true to its origin – obviously, the vegetables are not from Italy but are locally sourced.


Now, as I mentioned, My Slice prides itself on being ‘healthy’, definitely a healthier alternative to the many other Pizza vendors Brighton has to offer. The secret you ask… the dough. Imported from Italy already half-baked (further baked on site), the dough contains a mere 125 calories per slice – not bad when you compare it to an egg mayo sandwich that can be over 300 calories. Despite what you might be thinking, this healthy (ish) low-fat attitude to a normally indulgent and calorific Italian staple does not compromise the taste, it probably makes it better – just try to ignore the cheese and sausage and potatoes…

My Slice menu

I went for 3 different flavours – I didn’t eat them all at once, I promise – first up was the Tuscan Sausage with Rosemary, followed by Friday’s special Cherry Tomatoes, Scamorza Cheese topped with plenty of Parmesan. Final choice I went a little wild and went for a white based slice of Potato, Rosemary and Sea Salt.

My slice

I’m normally a meaty pizza kind of gal so I decided to change things up and go for choices I wouldn’t naturally choose and they did not disappoint. Each slice had a thin, light and crispy base, not as stodgy or as heavy as regular pizzas, and the toppings all tasted super fresh with distinctive tastes and combinations of flavours that worked really well together.


If I had to choose a favourite I’m naturally leaning towards the Tuscan Sausage. The fresh rosemary and tomato base made this combo some thing quite special and a lighter meat pizza to what I’d normally go for. However, the bianco pizza slice was a strong contender; thinly sliced potato with plenty of rosemary, sea salt and a special addition of black truffle oil to make it even more indulgent – this was added as an extra.

My Slice
I can’t say I’ve tried an authentic Italian Pizza al Taglio from Italy, but I’m definitely looking forward to trying one. For a quick lunch and a pizza that leaves you with a little less guilt, My Slice is great and I hope they can go the distance and withstand their position in the centre of Brighton.


FullSizeRender (3)

It’s a family run business fighting off stiff competition from the likes of Pret, Tortilla, itsu etc. just around the corner but there’s definitely room for an independent Pizza bar – especially one with a healthy twist. You can buy 2 slices and a drink for £6 which is a good deal plus it’s big enough and tasty enough to warrant a return trip for another slice or 3…

Molte grazie.



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