Restaurant Review: The Little Blue Smokehouse, South Lanes

When I heard that the LBS was taking residency at the newly refurbished Seven Stars pub in the South lanes ohhhh was I excited. Having heard dangerously good things about these guys from their time at food festivals and Brighton’s Street Diner, it was about time I tried some of their smokey goodness.

Seven Stars Brighton

The Pub

The Seven Stars went for a serious makeover earlier this year, gone are the traditional pub characteristics (leather seats and dowdy colours) and hello to caged booths and barrelled light fixtures. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a frequent occurrence amongst the Brighton pub scene…


Despite the décor, they win top points for their in-house ‘ginfusions’. Speciality gins line the back bar, my preferred flavour of choice being the mint and cucumber infused Gin, and they also have a rather fruity gin inspired cocktail menu – try the Gin Mintini. Their selection of Craft Beer is on point and you can find Bear Hug, Camden Town, Bison and lots more… I’m not the best person to talk beer with but it all looks pretty.

punk IPA

Going back to the Food…

So after winning over the foodie nation with their smoked, pickled, brined and spiced treats, it seemed like setting up camp in the centre of food obsessed Brighton was the obvious next step for the Little Blue Smokehouse team and what better spot than smack bang in the middle of the South Lanes.


Think ‘the best kind of comfort food’; rich flavours, meaty goodness, sweet and savoury combos and horrifically calorific (in a very good/naughty way). The menu has a lot to offer so it was hard to choose only a few items, we narrowed it down to 4 dishes and here’s what I thought…

  1. Smoked confit duck hash, kimchi and fried egg 


Hands down my favourite plate of the night. The duck simply fell off the bone and melted in mouth. The hot chilli sauce gave it the right amount of kick and the runny egg was a treat to add in with the kimchi and hash – If I could add an egg to everything then I probably would. I’d heard great things about this dish before I went and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

  1. Trash can fries, pulled pork, fried pickles, cheese and hot sauce 

Trashcan fires

Filthy. These fries, as you can see, were overloaded with meat, crunchy pickles, hot sauce and melted cheese. This was part of the ‘comfort/hangover’ section of the menu and its pretty obvious why. Goodbye boring fries, hello devil’s food. Highly recommend – these alone would satisfy as a meal.

  1. Bowl of Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Bacon Crumble 


One of the most indulgent bowls of mac n cheese I’ve ever had. The added bacon was really good but there was a slight gritty texture – this could have been the crumble on top? It was good but I think it could be improved as it was a little too sloppy/liquidy for my liking.

  1. Buffalo Wings, Blue Cheese Ranch Dip

Hmm… I’ve got a lot of time for Buffalo wings, I blame the ridiculously addictive sauce, however these bad boys just did not do it for me. I’m not sure why or how but the texture was so wrong and the sauce was definitely not how you’d expect it. I think this dish definitely let the meal down and I was pretty disappointed – didn’t even finish them.

Wings aside, it’s a great venue for good beers, cocktails and exciting food and it’s in a great location. I’d like to return and go for more of the smoked options like the brisket, ribs and pulled pork as there was just too much to choose from first time round. The new meatball melt sandwich sounds pretty unreal too.

Until next time.



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