Ladies who lunch… Afternoon Tea at Sketch, London

Afternoon Tea and Roof Top Cocktails

For my Birthday, two of my lovely friends treated me to an absolutely fabulous day in London dahhling. It was a complete surprise, and one hell of a good one at that.

The Hunger Laine

I was treated to afternoon tea in Mayfair at the beautiful 18th Century townhouse, that goes by the name of SketchI’d wanted to go here for ages so the girls did good – followed by cocktails at Aqua the rooftop bar just around the corner.


Not only does Sketch serve afternoon tea in a magical pink art deco themed room, but also there’s an art gallery, another 2 Michelin star restaurant and cocktail bars/pods that all live within this hidden gem in the heart of London. It really is the ultimate destination for ‘food, art and music’.

Upon arrival you’re greeted by girls in pink puff sleeve dresses. Each role at Sketch requires a different uniform – server, waitress, hostess, etc. – tastefully designed by fashion designer Richard Nicoll. From grey boiler suits to silk dresses, they all fit in and add to the excitement of somewhere so thoughtfully crafted and presentable. IMG_5129

Now, before we even get onto the food, let’s talk about the toilets…


2 swooping staircases lead up to white pods lit up blue and pink. The toilets alone are fascinating enough to warrant a trip to Sketch – they even play sounds in each pod so you feel like you’re in some bizarre tropical forest inside an egg. Whoever came up with that design deserves a high-five.


Now lets move onto the tea…

Cucumber fingers, caviar and quails egg, mozzarella pesto panini and smoked salmon with Jacobs cream sandwiches complete the lower tier. Delightful

Moving up… Things got a little sweeter with macaroons, meringues, cheesecake pots and chocolate and cherry choux buns. Heavenly

The best part about the tea was that it never had to end… You could sit there for hours if you wanted to, ordering more and more – Stuffing one’s face never felt so ladylike. Genuinely though, re-fillable savoury options are an absolute treat especially when you’re close to overdosing on sugar.

The service was on point and the experience is one I would definitely return for. It was a special occasion kind of place and one of the finest ways to celebrate turning 25.

Bon anniversaire chéri.



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