National Burger Day 2015 #AsdaMeatUp

Ok, ok, I’ve been super slow at getting this blog up but I blame the constant need for eating and drinking keeping me so busy of late…

Last month I celebrated National Burger Day (27th August) in the best way possible thanks to the wonderful Asda and Talented Talkers team. I was invited to the Asda Summer BBQ at a secret location just outside of Brighton, with a load of talented foodie/lifestyle/beauty bloggers. The event was to show off Asda’s extensive range of groceries, which resulted in some amazing BBQ treats and a really fun evening filled with LOTS of burgers, gin cocktails, live music and lovely new faces.

Being fairly new to the blogging scene, this was my first taste of what it’s like to be in with the cool kids and attend a real blogging event as an actual blogger – normally I’m the one inviting bloggers and organising these kind of events with work. It was fun being able to finally put faces to the blogs I’ve been stalking for so long!

With the initial invite being top secret in terms of location and what to expect – BBQ and giant Jenga was all I knew – I was intrigued to say the least…

The Set Up 

So at 6.30pm I met an equally curious bunch of bloggers at Brighton station. Lots of them had met before but luckily I wasn’t the only one that was new to the blogging events game. We were told to look out for the Big Yellow bus ­the Big Lemon to those of you that have seen them in Brighton. When the buses departed, we drove off over the hills and into Woodingdean – yes, I was a little confused at this point too. To our surprise, we soon arrived at a very stylish rented property that would play host to the one and only #AsdaMeatUp.

A BBQ-ing tent was set up in the garden, a bar set up in the kitchen and a 3-piece band set up in the living room. There were chefs and waitresses serving up delights from the minute we arrived and you could tell this was a night to entertain and impress.

The Hunger Laine

Having been privy to the Hollingbury and Brighton Marina Asdas during my uni, days, I was unsure of what to expect. Once I spied the menu and the giant Connect Four it was clear that a great deal of thought had gone into the whole evening and this was way cooler than I thought it was going to be.

The Hunger Laine

The Food

 After being introduced to the hosting team (Talented Talkers helped organise the night for Asda) and spending time talking to and getting to know some of the bloggers, it was time to put down the Pimms and Elderflower Gin Soda’s and form an orderly queue at the BBQ station.

Instantly the Vintage Cheddar Beef Burger with Bacon, Mayo, Relish and Salad caught my eye. I’m a sucker for a burger so this was an instant go to – or at least for starters…
The Hunger Laine

The meat was juicy and perfectly cooked – nothing worse than an overdone bit of beef ­– the bun was warm and lightly toasted and the bacon and cheese were heavenly.

The Hunger Laine

Now, I always believe that a good BBQ and a good host should provide and present a well thought out sides and accompanying menu. It’s a bit like Christmas dinners… if the pigs in blankets and creamy spinach aren’t up to scratch it can put a downer on the turkey. Luckily, Asda ticked both boxes and there was no disappointment in the side and salad department…

My favourite being the Greek. Simple and easy to make, this went down a treat. Lots of feta, cucumber, tomatoes and olives with a sneaky addition of mint leaves adding to the flavour.


Other sides included the potato salad, mixed bean salad and a simple summer salad. All of these were yummy and now I’ve seen the recipes, easy to make.

Obviously, I went back to the BBQ for seconds – it would have been rude not to. This time round I went for the barbequed salmon with cucumber yoghurt and a teeny weeny piece of loverly Seabass. You have to remember that this was my first real blogging adventure so I wasn’t going to be stuffing my face as much as I usually would – think little bites and no eyeballing the last two pieces of halloumi that have just come off the grill.


To finish off the meal we had Eton Mess. By the time pudding came out I was barely able to hold a conversation and was rushing back to the table – it definitely would not have run out, it’s just my natural panic mode starts to kick in at this point. Creamy, crunchy and full of fresh strawberries – it was the perfect dessert to finish a wet summer’s BBQ.

There’s that look…


The Night

Now there was an incentive to create the best burger recipe but this just was never going to be me. My cooking skills have not yet developed and I can confidently say I’m no Nigella in the kitchen. I think for now I’ll stick with what I know best… eating someone else’s cooking – Mr Baskets where art thou... However, I will definitely think twice next time I’m off to do the weekly shop as I was pleasantly surprised with Asda’s offerings and even more smug once I saw the prices.

One of the best parts to the whole night was getting to know the people behind some of Brighton’s better-known blogs. It’s always interesting to hear someone else’s story and the reasons why they take the time and so much effort to cleverly craft each blog post or video blog – vlog actually. I would say all of their reasons are different to mine – there reasons sounded a lot more interesting than mine – but better yet, they are all different to each other’s.

So on that note…

Thank you to Asda and the Talented Talkers team for not only hosting a fantastic evening of great food, drink and entertainment but for finding such a lovely bunch to spend the evening with!

Until next time.


P.S. As you can see, most of these photos were not taking by my trusted iphone and were in fact taken by the brilliant photographer on the night so thank you – the less professional looking photos are mine.


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